Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get in Gear part 2

The 10k run started at 9:30 and the 5k event started at 9:50. Rachel and I roll up to Minnehaha Park and we see the 2k go off (they stated first) and we use the bathroom, mill around, and head over to the start line.

We forgot our watches and were not sure what time it was. There was an announcer and we assumed that the announcer would tell us when we were lining up. We see another group go and assume it is the 10kers, but then we the first place 10k guy cross the finish line. Crap. Looks like we missed the start. We weren’t the only one’s confused either. Why wouldn’t they announce the start? We asked someone and they said there was no mass start. You just cross the line to start the chip timer and go. I've never raced with a chip timer before.

I’m pretty sure we were the last to cross the start line, but we ended up passing a bunch of walkers and even some fellow joggers. We didn’t run as fast as last week, but then again we didn’t walk nearly as much as last week either. I figure today we didn’t walk any more than a minute if even that. All in all I guessed our time was close to last week’s if not just a few minutes more.

I forgot my stop watch at home.

We cross the finish line and the time says xx minutes. I assume that’s the time that has passed since the race started at 9:50 and don’t worry about it since my chip will capture my real time like the person we asked said it would.

When the results were posted, my name was towards the bottom which I expected, but my time was 14 minutes longer than it was last week and listed as the time on the board when I crossed the finish line. I’m pretty sure I was going slower this time, but not 14 minutes slower. That’s a lot! I assume that the people toward the bottom of the list were the walkers, but their time wasn’t much longer than mine. And like I said, I forgot my watch so I can’t compare it to that.

So I missed my start and because of it ended up with an “incorrect” time and don’t actually know how fast I ran. It was a learning experience and now I know not to miss the start. Oh well, better luck next time.


AdamB said...

It happens to everyone at least once!

Super said...

I am very proud of you.