Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Roubaixs

I heard the Grumpy's Roubaix went off without a hitch. I went on the pre-ride Saturday to scope out the route. That was a blast. It was the perfect way for me to get my legs moving and build a base to start out the season.

I couldn't go on the actual ride today because I had to work, but I met everyone after at Grumpy's downtown to watch Paris-Roubaix. This is my favorite race of the season, and my boyfriend, Tom Boonen, usually gets a good amount of air time.

Unfortunately, the coverage on V.S. sucked horribly. Horribly. How is it that NBC can do a great job showing the US Open Cycling, but V.S. can't show an awesome Paris-Roubaix?


manda said...

bummed I missed you and the watching Paris-Roubaix. yum. Boonen.

I did end up there for half the ride. Had to bail early, because I stashed my stuff into a car, that NEEDED to be home by 4:00.

Tim said...


worst coverage ever.

Eclectchick said...

Cancellara is awfully pretty, too. OH, and he sure can ride the bike.