Sunday, April 22, 2007

Skibby would call this one epic

Tim and I went on a ride to Mendota and back today. I passed initiation by climbing Ohio Street for the first time.

Somewhere along the way the crank bolt fell out and my whole left crank arm came off around Lake St and River Road. Tim proved himself to be the better half by pushing me home to NE. After that we'll see if he agrees to go on a ride with me for awhile. Thank goodness we (barely) got home before the rain.

Perfect weekend to kick off the Summer of Sarah. First 5k and Ohio Street. Watch out for me.


StevenCX said...

Ohio St. is a rite of passage!

AdamB said...

Tim must be very proud! Ohio St is no joke, and having your crank come off is a pretty rough break, too! Way to cope!

Skibby said...

I don't know, I rode with Doughboy on Sunday at Afton, his crank-arm fell off and I had to ride back and get the truck, not very epic to me... but since you're a newbie on Ohio St. and you have to see Tims butt-crack I deem it EPIC! :)