Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cloquet Crit

On my way home after my first race weekend. I just finished the Cloquet Crit.

It was another cold and windy day. It started raining during my race and as soon as I finished the sun came out. Of course.

The crit was four right corners. From the start you took a turn into a short steep hill. At the top of the hill you took another right up the backstretch which was a less steep but longer hill. Around the next corner was a fun downhill and then back around to the flat start/finish straight into the wind.

I predicted that I would get dropped at the first hill and get lapped three times. Instead I got dropped at the end of the longer hill and only got lapped twice! Better than I thought!

The cat 4 women were all really friendly and supportive as they kicked my ass.

Teammate Barb was also super awesome. She rode the practice lap with me and gave some pointers. She even hung out at the backstretch for a bit and cheered me on. Thanks!

Also a big thanks to the Grumpy's LGR guys, Caitlin and Zeb for being a great cheering section.

I'll post some pictures when I get home. Can't wait to take a hot shower and cuddle the kitties!


Tucker said...

I couldn't believe the weather either HPE. My mens 3/4 race was cold. My wife raced with you and she got drenched. 10 minutes later it's sunny, warm, and gorgeous. What the H is up with that? Bad Kara or something.

bw said...

now that your engaged to the rookie it's timme to start racin'!

congrats on both counts (first race and engagement) - Amy and I are rooting for you.

AdamB said...

chapeau! keep up the good work.

StevenCX said...

You looked totally pro out there! Good job, and congrats for finishing. I got pulled from every non-training crit I did my first year!

Eclectchick said...

Way to go, Bella!

Super said...

i need an update.

i want to know what is going on in the world of HPE