Saturday, May 26, 2007

South Range Road Race

I'm hanging out in my camping chair on the side of County Road C hoping that I don't get hit by a car. I'm sitting out of this race and acting as Grumpy's LGR team support as well as cheering on my teammate Barb.

Watching a road race is pretty boring. They go by about every 45 minutes and thankfully today is turning out to be a beautiful day. I hope tomorrow is nice for my first ever crit.

Team LGR is staying at the team house in Duluth. Well, its more like the brother of the girlfriend of an LGR dudes...

oh wait here the come! Everyone is packed together nicely.

Right, so were staying at this dude's house and he isn't even there, but his housemates are there so it's kind of like we're staying at a really tame frat house.

More live blogging to come....

1 comment:

AdamB said...

You're not racing? I think road races are a lot easier than crits. Longer, but not as scary.

Not that crits are scary, but you know what I mean.