Monday, July 09, 2007

Back Home

Just got home a few hours ago from the trip and I'm pretty pooped out. I'm happy to be home and cuddling the kitties, I it seems as if they sure missed me (I love them). the trip was a blast and I have tomorrow off of work so I'll give a full recap tomorrow after long needed sleep.

Tour de France side note: I don't have cable, but spending the last few nights in hotel rooms allowed me to watch the first few stages on Vs. (dumbest channel name ever). Why does their coverage continue to suck year after year? Why does Al say stupid stuff like "looks like Quick Step is blocking the front to make sure no other team can get by them. We haven't seen that before!" Really? Isn't that team work 101?

And why does Vs. continue to suck off Hincapie? Never mind my well known dislike of Hincapie, but he's not the next Lance so why does Vs. keep treating him like he is?

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