Monday, July 16, 2007

Hamel TT, post race

I sucked it up and raced Hamel Time Trial yesterday. I didn't do well in comparison to everyone else,but I went as hard as I could for 12.5 hilly miles and I thought I did pretty well for me and for my second time trial ever. And I did better than the gazillion people the didn't show up to race.

Even more, yesterday made me a very proud Bella. Velo Bellas promoted the TT and I think everyone did a great job pulling it all together.

Read what others have to say about it here, here, and here. And probably other places too (let me know if that's true).

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Becca said...

You did awesome, not only for your 2nd TT ever, but for your first season racing! Way to get out there and show the Bella colors!!