Saturday, July 28, 2007

Look What the Cat Dragged In

Wednesday nights are Trivia Nights at Grumpy's NE. Trivia consists of 5 rounds, including one picture round and one music round.In the non-summer months, we've got a decent team going and consistently take 3d place. In the summer months we all come and go and mix and match team members and sometimes do well and sometimes do not.

Last week was one of the not weeks. There were some hard categories that we didn't do so well on and some easy categories that I'm sure every team swept up on. I'm not very good at trivia, and I'm usually pretty useless and am just there for the pizza and beer. I know the easy questions that everyone else knows, but every week I always get one question right that no one else knows which I like to think makes me a semi-valuable member of the team.

But two weeks ago there was the music category of my dreams:Poison vs. Ratt. A song clip was played and we had to identify whether it was a Poison song or a Ratt song. I don't know much about Ratt, but Poison! Bring it on. I figured if I knew the song it was Poison and if I didn't know it it was Ratt. I swept the round! I bounced in excitement on my bar stool! I rubbed it in everyone's face! WooHOO!

Now if there could only be a Labyrinth round....


Jennifer said...
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jenny said...

speaking of cat, i cant believe they went with wild/big cats and not domestic last week. we wouldve taken the whole bar over...with or without the new wave/electro/80's round. dammit.

what were some of the painful answers? i knew 'human league' was one (though i think we got the song atleast). durr...

fucking cats.

and if the boys are only there to watch racing, we might have to start our own team... ;) xoxo

(ps - i left the same comment before, but trashed it, b/c i'm still learning how to use teh internets).

AdamB said...

right on!