Thursday, July 12, 2007


I finally got down to going through my pictures.

Tim and I spent out first day in Rhode Island on a chartered sailboat off Newport during the Tall Ship Parade. It was the perfect introduction to New England.

We hung out on the boat with the family, had a great lunch, napped on the hammock
Didn't get kidnapped by pirates

and no one fell in the water

The next day we went inland towards Providence to meet Tim's Dad's side of the family. I hung out with his little cousin and she taught me all about Webkinz. Then we went to his aunt's house for pizza and everyone surprised us with a surprise engagement party! How sweet was that?!

I had Del's Lemonade!

The next day we left the families for a romantic Vermont getaway in St. Johnsbury. Before checking in to the best bed and breakfast ever we had to stop by the Ben and Jerry's factory where I became addicted to Cinnabun's ice cream.

I tried to go for a bike ride in Vermont, but since there are real mountains in Vermont and we were amongst them (and my butt was being literally eaten by horse flies), I didn't last very long and had a low self-esteem attack. Tim went ahead of me and said I was smart for turning back. He took me for a drive along the route and it was absolutely beautiful.
We heard there might be fireworks across the river in Littleton, New Hampshire, but when we got there there were no fireworks. However, there was the world's longest candy counter!

So we got some candy and found a cute covered bridge
and read the 8th grade graffiti while eating Jelly Bellies.

Before we left Vermont we stopped in for a tour of Maple Grove Farms and bought some maple syrup. Yum.

They made us wear hairnets.

Not a whole lot of hippies. We saw a few ponytails and one tie dyed shirt. Kind of disappointing really.

Then we took off for Ottawa. We had no trouble crossing the border when we told them we worked for a major Canadian company. What amazed me the most about Ottawa was how accessible Parliament is.

The grounds are like an open park for citizens and visitors. They even have a family of stray
cats on the lawn that they take care of!

On our first night we went on a boat tour on the Ottawa and Gatineau Rivers, then went and had a few beers in front of Parliament and watched a light show they project on the building. The next day we took a tour of Parliament and the Peace Tower. Beautiful.

Changing of the Guard was also pretty cool!

We spent Tim's birthday in Marquette, MI where he went to college for a year. We walked around campus and had a great diner.

So know I'm home and back in the swing of things. I'm back to work, tending to my garden, loving my kitties and all of the other everyday stuff. I had a great vacation and now it's time to be a productive member of society.

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