Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eye Ickiness

For the past week I have been dealing with an eye condition called GPC. If you don't know what it is and don't easily gross out, go to google images and search "GPC eye." I would link it but I get too grossed out.

Basically it's a sore/callous that develops underneath the eyelids and is usually caused by mucus buildup on contact lenses. You know how your body produces mucus? Well, some people's bodies over-produce it, like mine. It gets stuck on the contacts and rubs underneath the eyelids causing these sores/calluses. It doesn't matter how good I've been about cleaning and changing my lenses, it just happens. It's painful and irritating. This is the second time this has happened to me. It sucks.

I've been using eye drops 4 times a day for a week and have been not wearing contacts.

You know how some people hate going to the dentist and have severe panic attacks when they have to go? I am like that with the eye doctor. I'm talking sweaty, sit-on-my-hands, hyperventilation panic attack. I hate it. So imagine what it's like for me to have to go in there multiple times so he can flip my eyelid over and take a look. (My heart is beating faster just typing that.)

I had another appointment today and it should have been cleared up by now, but it's not. As if this news wasn't bad enough, the doctor basically told me that I'm one of those people who just shouldn't be wearing contacts. This is very unhappy news for me since I don't like wearing my glasses, prefer the contacts, and I'm totally blind without either. Once the yuckiness clears up, I'm going to try daily lenses, but the dr. said to limit wearing those to only a few hours at a time. I've been told this before by a different doctor, but it's sad news to hear again.

Oh, and I accidentally kicked the doctor....


Anonymous said...

I'd kick the doctor too, if he told me I couldn't wear contacts! As if you can go from contacts for four hours a day to glasses the rest of the day. It's all or nothing, or else you get that awful adjustment period where everything is all wonky.

I hope it clears up soon!


Anonymous said...

I recommend gas perm lenses which allows O2 through, or you could just get laser eye surgery. We're having a special right now.

Dr Whiting
Lasik Vision Center

Barb said...

What you need to do is get very cool Eye-talian glasses that start with a D or a V. That should help.