Sunday, August 26, 2007


This year's count:

Cinnamon Roll from the food building - Some swear to them, I wasn't impressed
Pronto Pup - Very yummy as always, but gone before I knew it
Cheese Curds - The grease made me dizzy
Strawberry Malt from the dairy building - Mmmmm

Free Crap:
7 free pencils, the education building is a goldmine.

Last year's count:

Cheese curds
Chocolate malt
Breakfast burrito
1919 Root Beer
Blooming onion
Sweet Martha‚’s Cookies

Free Crap:
2 bike maps
MNDOT bracelet
4 orange Fleet Farm cups
Gopher football calendar/poster (for Tim)
2 rulers
3 pencils (one is hyper-color!)
1 magnet

Looks like I was able to control my food intake a little better this year, even though I still felt fat after eating all that crap. I can't believe I ate even more crap last year.

I was also able to contain myself on the free crap a little better this year. I brought home too much junk last year that I haven't looked at since, except for the Fleet Farm cups (which they didn't give out this year).

Every year I try and see how many pencils I can get (pens don't count). This year I scored 7, last year 3. My record is 13, but I think I had doubles.


Super Rookie said...

stealing pencils and only one lady saw you do it!

Sarah said...

I'm pro.

Leslie said...

I just got really hungry reading that post. Damn you.

Barb said...

But Sarah, what's the point of carrying the free WCCO plastic bag all over the place when it ain't full of free and heavy crap? This year I scored a really cool string backpack thingie this kind my kids, esp the cool 9th graders, wear, and I still carried a plastic bag. I went to the Health Fair building (no free stuff there) to think about paying $$ (I saved from NOT paying pre-registration fees at bike races) for blood typing tests to see if it changed from last year. I didn't get retested, but thought about the body fat test right after having eaten my first cheese curd ever. There was some freaks who had scored 14.0% for women and something like 2.3% for men for the day. Wassup with that? It's the Sate Fair! I think those two came to the Sate Fair just to show off. OK, here's another beef---bringing HUGE toddler and baby caravans to the Fair. And my third whine o' the day, where does everyone get the yard sticks for free? I've been going to the Fair all my life since there really was a Machinery Hill and have yet to score a FREE yard stick. It's my great white whale.

jenny said...

i agree with the yard sticks. i almost got my eye poked out with one this year, and still couldnt find my own.