Friday, August 31, 2007

Kitty Update

I love my kitties. Most of all, I love how they interact with each other and how their relationship has evolved. You may remember last spring when I got DiLuca. Roscoe was out to get her from day one and I was scared he was going to really hurt her.

Now they are totally BFF, and have a wonderful love/hate Garfield/Nermal brother/sister relationship. Roscoe is smarter than she is and outwits her all the time. She is really fucking cute and bugs him little by little until he flips on her. My favorite is when she climbs up on something and waits for him to walk under her before she dive bombs him. Too cute.

When I first got DiLuca, she found every laundry basket, crawled in, and played in the clothes or just jumped in and out of empty ones. I thought this was super cute and started to take pictures of her! Roscoe, seeing that she was getting all of the attention, swatted her out of the basket and jumped in himself. He then gave me this look:

Now he's less jealous. You wont see one cat without the other within reach. I've even caught Roscoe bathing her a couple of times. And then giving her a strong love-bite.

DiLuca is 6 pounds now and full grown. I think she may be a forever-kitten.

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Super Rookie said...

i forgot that you were the only one to get DiLuca and Roscoe :)