Thursday, September 27, 2007


Am I just getting old, or is this the stooopidest fucking thing you've ever read?

From Entertainment Weekly (don't ask)


The latest hip-hop style trend? Skateboard chic. From bling king Pharrell Williams to Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy, MCs of all stripes are taking cues from ghettofab celeb skaters like Stevie Williams and Marcus McBride. Fashionistas call it ''skurban,'' but we just think it's fly.


Here are some pictures of skurban style courtesy of

Does this really "style" really deserve a name?


Becca said...

No, but some intern had to make themselves known at the magazine this summer by coming up with some new fad.

Jason said...

That second dude is just wearing a skateboard company tee. That's not style. The others just look like hip hop kids carrying skateboards. Dumb. FYI: however Stevie Williams is pretty freaking cool.
p.s. hi

Cassett said...

this is so stupid. skating and hiphop have been a part of each other ever since i can remember(I'm 25). Skating is urban. Some Kids have always dressed hiphop when they skate(where do you think the zoo york label came from?) So the indie kids that skate should be called skindies? Just because of Pharell Williams and Lupe fiasco, some marketing duesh bag just finally recognized it and tried to put a name to it.