Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm taking it easy one more night and then I should start feeling better. This isn't the first time I've had a kidney infection, but it is the first time one came without warning. I blew it off because I thought I just twisted my back in the garden, but I knew there was a problem when the fever hit.

Things I've appreciated while sick this week:
  • Your kind words
  • Cable television (specifically HGTV)
  • Lovely kitties
  • My mom for taking off work to bring me to urgent care
  • My co-worker for picking up my meds
  • Darvocet

I compiled a list of best people watching places in the city today. In order of greatness:

6. Crystal Court
5. Uptown Transit Station
4. 22nd Ave. Station
3. Airport
2. Mall of America
1. State Fair

Where did I miss?


Sascha said...

depending on how far out of the city you want to get...Vally Fair. Amusement parks are always full of enormous women in tube tops and hot pants among other things.

Pete said...

The farmer's market. Went there this morning and watched all sorts of people.

jenny said...

hope my decision and claim made for you on saturday night didnt give you a was too much fun to regret, anyway :)
i'll keep you posted on friday, but its looking fairly grim at this point, so if you find someone else in the meantime thats better with commitment and possible free time, i totally understand :)

ps - i'm assuming that since you didnt call on sunday with a request for an IV means that all's well, so hopefully youre not like, crashed out somewhere, doubled over in the gutter... ;) xoxo

Donimator said...