Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Male Cheerleaders

It's not that I hate male cheerleaders, it's that I hate their stupid cones. Oh, I'm sorry, they're called megaphones. And even more than I hate their "megaphones," I hate how they cheer through them from the sides of their mouths. It just bugs me.


Tuffy said...

What's your take on male colorguard members? Or female athletes in male sports?

I have a serious problem with you acting all condescending towards male cheerleaders. I'm sure they would say it's empowering.

Sarah said...

I have nothing against male cheerleaders, good for them. I just hate their megaphones. Sheesh.

Spazzle said...

Did I miss something here? She said (first sentence, by the way,) that she doesn't hate male cheerleaders. Where in her post is she being condescending towards them?