Thursday, October 11, 2007

Summer of Sarah, revisited

This winter/spring I set out 8 fitness goals and proclaimed this summer The Summer of Sarah. My goals were the following:

1) Run Get in Gear 5K
2) Join Velo Bella
3) Take the track class
4) Go to Women's Night at the track
5) Race the track
6) Race a time trial
7) Race a crit
8) Race Iron Girl

My actual results in any of these didn't matter to me. What mattered to me was that I got up enough courage to actually show up and do it.

I not only ran Get in Gear but also the Battineau Neighborhood Earth Day 5K.
I joined Velo Bella
I took the track class
Went to Women's Night
Raced not one but two time trials - Wrenshall and Hamel
Raced (or rode) Cloquet Crit

So while I didn't feel ready this year to race the track or Iron Girl, I think I still did pretty well.

This winter I have a few goals (fitness and otherwise) up my sleeve that I am going to ponder... then post.


AdamB said...

Good job! Racing a crit especially is not easy. Keep up the good work!

j greiber said...

Where have you been?? And why am I reading blogs at 11:45pm?? Hope to see you at a cross race, lady. :)

GoBigGreen said...

Oh...Do IRONGIRL next summer. You are so ready. You wont believe it till you prove it to yourself but you can do it. I wasnt ready (so i thought) the first year and was so glad i did it. This year was my 3rd one and the race keeps getting bigger and better run.
Idont know you but do IG 2008! You wont be sorry!!!