Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why I have periodically fallen off the face of the earth

I have never been good at math. I am a smart girl but there's this part of my brain that just doesn't get math. I almost failed math classes in high school and college countless times and always thanked god for the pass/fail option. This is why I majored in English and Women's Studies.

In the last year I have learned that there are other things that use the math part of the brain. In February I was given the books from work to start studying for the Series 7. I was supposed to study for the test on my own . When I felt I was ready to take the test I was to go through a 6 day 9:00-5:00 class to prepare me for the exam and then take the test. Since February I have attempted to study on my own 3 times and haven't gotten past the first chapter without a total breakdown.

After the last total breakdown I went in to talk to my manager and told her that I needed to start taking the night classes (which was never given to me as an option). She registered me for the class right away and I had my first class on Tuesday night. It was super intense and fast paced, but I have a world class teacher and things are really coming together. It's still super hard, and I don't know how they ever expected me to do it on my own, but I'm getting it and that's what counts.

It's a seven week course, one night per week, four hours per class with a nine hour Saturday class the last week. This also requires at least 15 hours of self study per week, so it's pretty much like having a second job (which I also have), but it's also like never leaving work since it's working at the investment firm all day and studying about securities all night and weekend. My current plan/goal is to take the test December 18th and pass it the first time!!! (this test also doesn't have a very high passing rate, about 56-66%) So we shall see.

For the next seven weeks I will pretty much be out of commission. I am going to try and still remain an active member of society, but I am sure that as the time draws near I will be hiding away more and more.

This post serves as an apology to everyone that if I am overly cranky and not myself and a bad friend /blogger /teammate/ coworker/ fiancee for the next two months, I am sorry and I hope you'll understand.


dano said...

low passing rate tests suck. Good luck - remember that your intuition is probably right. But not always.

Anonymous said...

Coming from one in the industry, no, it is not an easy test. I am glad you have a great teacher, because that will make a HUGE difference. Options are NOT something that should be self-taught.

Besides, you don't have to worry about the MLS playoffs to get in your way either!

Pete said...

Good luck! I took (and passed) the 7 back in 2001, so it can be done.

Eclectchick said...

A 9 HOUR class? My head hurts just thinking about such a travail.

Take care!

Super said...

I love the comment from Anonymous...i wonder who it is.

Anonymous said...

I have my reasons for remaining A Nonymous.