Sunday, April 06, 2008

saturday night fun time

Roscoe is doing much better. Thanks for all the well wishes, they surely worked.

Last night I hung out with Jenny and Dan and we ended up watching the Animal Planet Dog Championships for some reason. It's so arbitrary. The best is watching the people in the crowd. Like these two women who were both wearing animal shirts and one said "Reno" across it. She was wearing a dog bed on her head while the other woman wolfed down a peanut coated ice cream bar. All the while there's a man in the corner of the screen looking as bored as a person can possibly look. Awesome.

My favorite handler of all was Taffe McFadden. I'm trying to find an image of her, but to no avail. And I don't really care so much as to search all that hard. Anyway, a scottie won and I now want an Akita.

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