Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, I'm a married lady now. It's pretty rad. But then again, the last 5 years with Tim have been pretty rad, so I'm a happy camper.

Lots of things have happened this summer. Most of them surround the wedding, but there's other stuff too.

We moved out of North East Minneapolis to Saint Anthony Park St. Paul, which is good and bad. I miss our nice big second floor apartment, garden, clothes line, and balcony. I don't miss annoying neighbors and loud cars/trucks. St. Paul is much quieter and we just couldn't afford the old place anymore. Tim is back in school full time and only working a few days a month and I go back for my masters in 2 weeks. I'll still be working full time, but we can only do so much on one salary with a wedding to pay for. But here's the kicker: we moved into the basement apartment of Tim's parents. It's fine, really. We are in a completely separate area of the house, we have our own kitchen and bathroom and a nice patio and the cats like it, but we're in a basement again (like Chicago) and have gone down to less than half the space we used to have. I can't complain though, at least we have a roof over our heads and the option to move into a cheaper space so we can pursue our goals.

St. Anthony Park is about a mile from the fairgrounds and it's that time of the year again. There's a shit ton of people that park by our house and walk to the fair. Last night Tim and I were on the patio and idiot after idiot came by making comments about our house, cat, us, etc. when we were sitting outside. Apparently no one sits outside on their patios with beer, cookies, candles and cats in the suburbs. We were obviously up to no good.

I also took my Series 66, which is the last licensing exam I needed to take. I failed it. It's supposed to be a lot easier than the 7, but I thought it was harder. It's a lot of picky little shit that I a) don't care about and b) don't really need to know. Now I'm all stressed out though because I'll be on my honeymoon next week and then start school the following week, so I don't know when I'll do it again, but I have to. Like I said, could be worse. I have a good job and they want me to be licensed to move ahead, so there's the bright side.

Oh, yeah, honeymoon. We're going to Seattle Friday night. Can't wait. We're taking the train out and flying back. Staying at a hotel near Pike Place. Going to the Mariners vs. Yankees game at the new Safeco stadium. Dinner on the Space Needle. Ferry to Bremerton. Day trip to Mt. Rainier. Wearing black jeans and flannel. I'm so excited.

Life is finally getting back on track. Maybe I can get back in to this blogging thing....


Super Rookie said...

You forgot Bumbershoot and a Kurt Cobain inspired Grunge Tour!

Runninwiththedogs said...

Dinner on the Empire State Building... er, I mean, the Space Needle? Awesome.

I wish I was going (not on your honey moon, but to Seattle), as one of my best friends lives in Bremerton.