Friday, November 07, 2008

daytime tv sucks

I’m home sick from work today. Daytime tv sucks big time. I ended up watching The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (not on purpose but because it was on after the morning news and I was too lazy to change the channel). That is officially the dumbest show ever. I lost all patience when the guest was an out-of-work construction worker who blamed his cheating on his live in girlfriend of four years on the stress the economy is causing. While I don’t blame him for being stressed, his partner is working long hours to support their 4 children while he cheats on her. He even went as far as to say, “Idle hands are the devil’s tools!” Well, his partner wants to stay with him, but of course thinks he’s a super big disrespectful jerk. Whatever, people’s personal lives are their business and I don’t care how stupid they are. So they had a relationship therapist on and her major concern was if they are serious about a relationship, they need to commit to each other. Fine, I understand that, but the rest of the segment revolved around why they haven’t gotten married if they have been together for 4 years and are committed to each other; the major sign of commitment is marriage.

With the way that marriage works in the U.S., with 50% of marriages ending in divorce, with people cheating on their spouses everyday, etc. etc., it blows my mind that people still hold marriage to such a high standard. Tim and I have been together for over 5 years now, and got married for our own reasons, none of which were to legitimize our relationship. We vowed commitment a long time ago as I know a lot of unmarried couples have. With Prop. 8 passing in California and this kind of discourse on national morning television, I want to know what rocks people are living under where they feel that the institution of marriage is so sacred. I don’t care if marriage for some people is a religious thing, but we live in a society that is ever-changing and ever-shifting and part of this is our definition of marriage. We no longer live in a time and place where marriage is the be all and end all if we don’t work to keep it that way, and if someone is going to blame their infidelity on being unemployed, then why would these people who hold marriage to such a standard want him to get married anyway? We've already redefined marriage, it's time we start acting like it. It is this kind of national discourse that passes things like Prop. 8 and keeps people who either decide not to get married or are not able to get married, second class citizens.

P.s. I turned the channel to Ellen.

P.p.s. Come to VeloCx tomorrow morning at the velodrome in Blaine and say "hi" to me at registration.

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