Saturday, November 15, 2008

Honeymoon - Day 1

I know it was almost 3 months ago, but better late than never.

Our first day was spent on the Amtrak train to Seattle. I was pretty impressed with Amtrak and had a ton of fun on the train, sitting back, watching the country go by. That is how traveling across the country should be.

We got on the train late on a Friday night and slept through North Dakota. Saturday went through the prairies and Glacier National Park, which was pretty. Saturday night was wine and cheese tasting. We won the trivia contest and won a bottle of wine, which we didn't wait to bring back to the sleeper. We got into Washington on Sunday and spent the morning traveling down the Sound. It was absolutely beautiful. We got into Seattle about 10:00 am, dropped our bags at the hotel and the rest is to follow.

The best part about riding the train is meeting the other passengers. If you haven't taken the train, the dining car is made up of 4-top tables, so we were always sitting with 2 other people. Sometimes this was great, sometimes it was....interesting. We bought a sleeper car, which made the world of difference. Our neighbors were the most miserable people I have ever met, which at first was frustrating, but after a while was just funny. The food wasn't too bad, and they actually fed us so much we had to skip a meal. I highly recommend Amtrak if you have the time to travel by train. Just keep your expectations rational and you'll have a blast.

You wouldn't see this flying. We saw this at a stop in Montana. People were taking left turns. Can't they read?

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