Sunday, November 23, 2008

Honeymoon - Day 3

Tim and I got up early and took the #66 bus to the U of W campus. We walked around trying to find breakfast in the University District, but since it was Labor Day everything was closed. We finally found the Portage Bay Cafe, had breakfast and then walked over to campus. It's a beautiful campus. We walked around for a while and then stopped by Trabant Coffee and Chai for some fancy chai and the NY Times crossword puzzle.

Our friend Josh moved out to Seattle last Spring, so we thought we would meet up with him and have him show us around a bit. He met us at Trabant and drove us around the neighborhoods. We ended up at Zayda Buddy's for "Minnesota Style Pizza and Beer." It's strange going to a Minnesota bar in another state. It's like getting an outside perspective of your home town and drinking expensive Premium in bottles. Josh dropped us back off downtown at the hotel later in the afternoon.

After relaxing for a bit, we went in search of a good Irish pub near the hotel. We found a couple, but they sucked. We ended up at the hotel bar for some drinks and food. The hotel bar is an old bourbon bar, so Tim felt the need to order a fancy bourbon. Of course he hated it and plotted how he could get rid of it without drinking it. He finally choked it down and felt like a real man. For me it was just entertaining to watch.

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