Saturday, October 31, 2009


I know this blog has been on a 10 month hiatus. If anyone still has me on their blog feed, this is what's happening:

I think I mentioned before that I started this blog while living in Chicago to both keep in touch with family and friends back home and document my time there. Since moving back to Minnesota, my life hasn't been too exciting and I see most people fairly regularly anyway. And I update my life pretty regularly on Facebook.

I quit my job in August to go back to school full time. I finished my first year of my English Master's program at St. Thomas and decided to go full time and finish in two years. I'm taking three classes right now, which is considered full time. I'm facinated by my classes and very impressed with the English program at UST. I'm writing my essay this spring on Zitkala-Sa, her trilogy and her relationship with Col. Richard Henry Pratt of the Carlisle Indian School. I'll also be taking my final class which is TBD.

Amidst my grad school craziness, I'm applying to PhD programs for next fall. My first application is due December 1st, so it's coming up quick. I'm very much in panic mode. I've been working so hard for as long as I can remember to get to this point. Now that I'm here, I'm freaking out!

If all goes as planned, Tim and I will be moving out of Minnesota this summer. Possible cities include: Seattle, Chicago, Evenston, Atlanta, College Park MD, Gainsville, Durham, Philidelphia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse.

Eep! Wish me luck!

I may be starting a new blog centering around food and books (since that's what my life has been about lately). Stay tuned.

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Cole said...

I wish you guys didn't have to move, but I understand. Try to get in to Syracuse. If you do, I'll come down, and we can all go to a Basketball game.