Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Florida recon trip

Tim and I took a recon trip to Florida to find an apartment. We decided to drive so that we could take a load of stuff down and drop the car at his dad's. This way we won't have to worry about how to get a car AND a moving truck down there in a few weeks. Since we were driving 1500 miles, we decided to take our time and make a little road trip out of it.

First stop: Chicago
We stayed with Matt and Julie in Chicago and met up with some people at The Beetle for pub trivia. Usually I get frustrated with pub trivia because they ask a bunch of questions I don't know the answer to, or that everyone else also knows the answer to, and I never feel like I contribute much. But this time was different! Not only did they ask an Arrested Development question, but also an Always Sunny question that only I knew. Not only was pub trivia fun because I got to hang out with some great friends, but also because I could contribute. It was also nice being back in the old 'hood and across the street from my old work!

Second stop: Louisville
Tim and I had grand plans for Louisville, but since all of the touristy things close at 5 we ended up just going out to dinner. Lucky for us dinner was an experience in itself! We went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe. This place looks like a clown puked inside it, but it was fun and they serve great food!

Before leaving Louisville in the morning, we stopped at Molly Malone's to watch the USA vs. Algeria game. It was great seeing Donovan's last minute goal in a bar of hundreds of people.

Third stop: Chattanooga
Tim and I wanted to stop in Chattanooga to see Lookout Mountain and ride the Incline Railway. Lookout Mountain was the site of a major Civil War battle and now you can ride a customized rail car up the mountain at a 73% incline! It's pretty amazing, and a little scary. After riding the railway, we found ice cream at the bottom of the mountain and enjoyed the night.

Fourth stop: Gainesville
We spent two days in Gainesville apartment searching and getting acquainted with the city. We found a great place about 1.5 miles away from campus with two bedrooms, two baths, a screened porch, in-unit laundry and a pool. We're very excited to get out of the parents' basement and into a roomy new place! We found a little organic market and a coffee shop within walking distance to the new place and I'm very excited for the year-round farmer's market!

Fifth stop: Spring Hill
We headed towards Tampa to visit Tim's parents in Spring Hill. We spent a day in their friends' pool, went to a movie, watched some World Cup games and just relaxed before flying back to the Twin Cities.

The reality of our move is really setting in now that we have a place to live in Gainesville. Our official move date is August 3rd, which I know will be here before we know it!

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