Saturday, August 28, 2010

L: Gainesville, FL

We've been in Gainesville for 3 weeks now.

The move went well and the cats did better than expected. We've only got a couple more boxes to unpack and the apartment is coming together. I like where we're living and it's nice having space and natural light!

Our new life started here not long after our move. The following Tuesday I started my two week teacher training with the University Writing Program. School started for me last Monday. Teaching is going well, but lesson planning is a lot of work. I like my students and I think we'll have a good semester. I'm taking two classes, which are already tough but that's what I signed up for!

Tim also started school on Monday. He's enjoying having his own classroom and navigating a new school in a new community.

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary not long after we moved in. We found a great steak house and celebrated in style. We've found a couple of other good restaurants, including Adam's Rib (not Oklahoma Joe's, but still damn good BBQ) and Satchel's Pizza. We even found a dive bar that gives a new meaning to the term dive bar.

We've been doing some exploring. We found a great little bar in the planned community of Haile Plantation to watch soccer games. This morning we drove to the Waldo Flea Market (which was a little disappointing) followed by a stop at the Humane Society to pet some puppies.

We're slowly but surely finding our footing. Gainesville is a lot different than the Twin Cities and it will take some getting used to, but overall I think I'll end up liking it here.