Saturday, September 04, 2010

Butterfly Rainforest

A couple of my new friends (both named Sarah, and spelled correctly) and I hopped a bus yesterday morning and visited the Museum of Natural History to see the Butterfly Rainforest.

This is a really amazing place. The butterflies are everywhere and live amongst birds, koi, giant goldfish and really pretty vegetation.

While we saw many very bright and colorful butterflies, this one was my favorite:

It's called a Satyr and it's native to Florida! One of my favorite things was watching the butterflies eat. Sliced melons and bananas are placed throughout the rainforest and are covered in butterflies. It's neat to watch them stick their tongues (which look like antennas) into the fruit and suck out the juice.

I never knew I had so many questions about butterflies until I spent time among them. Luckily for me, placards appear along the path relating fun facts. Did you know that mating is the female's choice and she picks the most colorful butterfly to mate with?

The museum's current exhibit is called CSI: Crime Scene Insects. It's about the insects found at crime scenes and how they help solve crimes (mostly murders). It's interesting, but gross. We saw this exhibit after spending time at the butterfly rainforest. It was a depressing way to end our field trip, but I had a great time!

*note: pictures taken from google images.

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