Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's been a fun-filled October in Gainesville! Tim and I have found time to go on a few adventures despite the hard work we have been putting into our new jobs.

I took advantage of student discount for tickets to the Bob Dylan concert at the O'Connell Center on campus. I heard a lot of bad things about Dylan concerts in recent years, but I had never seen him live and wanted to go. I quickly learned that all the negative press was unfounded - it was an amazing show! He played a good mix of old and new songs, he still sounds like the Dylan we know and love, and he can still rock out the guitar, organ and harmonica (although he only played guitar for a few songs). He and his band of amazing musicians played for 2 hours, and I definitely got my $20 worth! Tim was impressed by the intimate atmosphere and how close our seats were to the stage. It was a great night!

The following weekend I met up with Sarah and Najwa for the Gators homecoming game against Mississippi. I'm really not into football, but I wanted to experience what all the hype was about. We got to campus early to tailgate on the plaza and we had a blast at the game. We sat next to the band (my favorite part of college football). I quickly learned all the chants and gator chomps. Despite the loss, it was fun to experience a Gator game day. I can see why Florida football fans get into it.

The following day, Tim and I drove a few miles north to check out the Alachua Harvest Festival. Since it's still 80-90 degrees outside there wasn't anything harvesty about it, but it was fun to walk around and people watch. We ate lunch on a patio overlooking Main Street and I bought a pair of orange and blue earrings for the next game day!

Last weekend we drove to Savannah. I've wanted to visit Savannah for awhile now, and a bike race was the perfect excuse to convince Tim to make the drive. We got in late Friday night. We took a trolley tour Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day walking around and enjoying the city. Tim had a cross race Saturday night. It was fun to watch the race, despite the beautiful weather and beer, there were few spectators. It made me miss the MN cross scene. We headed home early on Sunday due to rain. We're hoping to make it back to Savannah sometime soon and make more of a vacation out of it. Oh, and we met Frank Viola at a bar near the hotel.

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