Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little Guy came to visit!

Matt Allen is visiting this weekend. It's really nice to have a friend from home visit. Matt, Caitlin and some friends drove down from MN and stayed a few days somewhere between Starke and Jacksonville. Tim worked a half day on Friday and picked Matt up after. The rest of his crew were driving down near Miami, so he's staying with us until Sunday morning and then Tim is dropping him off at the new destination.

Friday night we ate at Satchel's Pizza. We got a seat in the van which was pretty cool. I don't know if I'd want to sit in the van again (it was pretty dark and cramped) but it was a great experience to share with Matt.

Matt (like Tim) is really into architecture and urban planning, so Saturday we drove around Tioga and Haile Plantation. We stopped at Karma Cream for ice-cream. It was our first time there and it wont be our last! They have a whole cooler of vegan ice-cream. They even have rice cream for us lactose and soy sensitive! I got the triple chocolate, which was chocolate ice cream with brownies and chocolate chips. I was the happiest girl in the world. After Karma Cream we got tacos downtown at Boca Fiesta. It's such a cool room. I had tempeh for the first time and Tim introduced Gainesville to Schlabts (like a black and tan but with Schlitz and PBR). We watched Doc Hollywood when we got home because it was filmed in Downtown Micanopy. It's a really terrible and offensive movie, but it doesn't seem like Micanopy has changed much since 1991.

They've been doing a lot of bike riding, which is nice because I can get some work done. This semester has been really difficult. I'm taking a 19th century history class in the history department. I like the material, but the work load is intense. It's a lot of reading. The history students say they skim it, but they've perfected the art of the "historian skim." As an English student who reads every word critically I'm having difficulty with this. How do you know what to read and what to skim? I better figure it out fast because I have 700 pages of history to read this week plus a response paper plus a book review to write!

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