Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mark and Zoe Came to Visit

Mark and Zoe were down in Clearwater visiting Zoe's mom this past week and decided to drive up Saturday night for dinner and drinks. We went to Emiliano's, which was amazing as always. I learned they have good mojitos too! After dinner we decided to check out the Kickin' Devil Cafe. It's an eclectic cafe with a wine and beer bar tucked in the north east side of the city. They had a live band and it was cozy and fun. It reminds me a bit of Trotter's in St. Paul. I'll definitely be back. After our night out we came back to a sick dog puking on everything, but that's life with animals I guess. Sunday morning we all slept in a bit and I made breakfast before they headed out.

It's great seeing friendly faces from home. It's been such a crazy semester that it felt nice to slow down for a night and relax with old friends.

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