Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been out of school for a few weeks now and have managed to keep myself busy. I traveled back to Minnesota sans Tim as soon as the semester ended. I spent a wonderful 12 days with my family. I visited Grandma and Grandpa Trout, saw Ryan, Cole, Amy and Alex and hit up some NE Minneapolis bars with Andy, Carrie and Dave. Carrie joined me for dinner at Debbie and Bill's. I got to see Kevin and Sam's new house and Fiona is already sitting and eating food!

The reason I went back the week I did was to shop the 100-mile garage sale. Mom, Carrie and I did this last year and I promised I'd be back to do it again. It begins in Red Wing, ends in Winona, then comes back the Wisconsin side of the river. Last year we drove the whole thing, but this year we decided to be more strategic. Red Wing has the most garage sales in a concentrated area, so we spent all of Friday in Red Wing. We still didn't get to them all! We spent the night at Treasure Island Casino which was a blast. I had a beer with Mom and made and lost a whopping $10. I'm not much of a gambler, so I spent a large portion of the night at the arcade with Carrie. She just got back from Vegas, so she didn't feel like doing a lot of gambling either (and she lost her driver's license on the way down). I earned enough tokens for a glow bracelet! (I'm big time, I know.) We spent Saturday driving around to various garage sales. Last year Nelson had some of the best and this year they barely had any. Yet we still had a great lunch at Nelson's Cheese Factory. This year I'd say Frontenac had the best sales as I scored a great deal on some designer purses!

It was really nice to visit my family and spend 12 nights in my old bedroom. While I had fun shopping and visiting, the best was just hanging out with Mom, Andy and Carrie and doing nothing.

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