Friday, May 20, 2011

South Florida

Tim and I took a trip to Fort Lauderdale to see a Tampa Bay vs. Strikers match. We left a day early to spend the morning at Juno Beach. We waded in the water and gathered sea shells until it got hot. Tim took me to Boca Raton and he showed me where he lived with his dad for a time. Then we spent the afternoon shopping and drinking mojitos at Mizner Park.

We got to the hotel in Fort Lauderdale early so we took a nap by the pool. By the time we got to the game it started pouring rain. In Florida it generally rains really hard for about an hour and then clears up, so we expected the game to go on as planned. The rain didn't stop. The more it rained the drunker and rowdier the Tampa fans got so Tim and I took shelter in the men's bathroom to get out of the rain and separate ourselves from the chaos. The game was finally canceled at 10:30 (over 3 hours later) and we went back to the hotel to dry off and warm up before going to bed.

The goalie for the Strikers used to play for the Thunder, which was one reason we made the drive to the game. Tim and Nic have been Twitter friends for some time, so I shouldn't have been surprised when Nic and a friend showed up in our hotel lobby ready for a night out! I was half-way sleeping, so I quickly dressed and we ended up at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This place is ridiculous. The casino part wasn't that much different from Mystic, but it is surrounded by series of clubs and restaurants. It reminded me of Kansas City's Power and Lights District times 1,000. I felt a little out of place in my sundress when all the south Florida ladies were wearing mini-dresses and stilettos!

I had a blast on our little mini-vacation. It made me a little jealous we don't live closer to the beach but getting away now and then makes me feel super lucky to have so much to explore!

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