Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hawthorne Trail

I'm really enjoying living in Gainesville. One of the neat things about Gainesville that it's surrounded by farmland. This makes for great biking, especially along the Hawthorne Trail. It takes me 15 minutes to bike there and then it's miles of peaceful paths, interesting flora and fauna, and (despite what you may have heard about Florida being flat) hills! The trail runs along the northern border of Paynes Prairie federal park preserve and provides numerous overlooks into the prairie. It reminds me of River Road, only instead of the river there's the prairie, instead of maples there's willows, and there's never any cars honking at you to get off the road when they're driving on a parkway! And unlike the Greenway, it's used enough that it's appreciated but doesn't become a major thoroughfare. A very peaceful ride. I even saw two deer on my ride this morning!

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