Monday, August 15, 2011

Otis is Rad

Tim's dad and step-mom just put a pool in. We drove down there this weekend, hung out in the pool and caught the NSC MN Stars vs FC Tampa Bay game in St. Pete.

I knew that Otis loves to swim because the dog boarder has a pool and he always comes home soaked. I was really excited to see him in action, and a little curious if he would swim in circles. Otis has a pretty amazing swim technique. He swims with his right front and his back left, then uses his back right as a rudder! When he wants to turn he just kicks his back right leg and spins around. Brilliant dog. I forgot my camera this time around, but I'll be sure to take some video next time.

I hadn't been Al Lang to see a soccer game yet, so Tim and I went down to St. Pete on Saturday night. The stadium is great for soccer. It has a neat grassy area where we watched the game up close, and the supporters' section sounds really loud. I was disappointed that the Stars lost, but I still had a lot of fun in Downtown St. Pete.

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